Editing videos

Frame accurate trimming

Trim your videos frame accurately, ensuring your video starts at the perfect timing and ends at that perfect high. This way your viewers will never have to watch a 20 second video for a 3 second highlight, and will never get bored of your content!

Trimming is done easily by using our trim-sliders, or by using the ‘mark in/out’ buttons and all can be done by using keyboard shortcuts too.

Trim your videos while editing your cliip
Edit videos with our cropping tool

Cropping and Resizing

Edit your videos to the right size. While editing the video clip you will see that there are several options for choosing an aspect ratio. We support all popular aspect ratios, as requested by the most used social media platforms. 

Besides that, we offer the option to either crop or scale your videos to your preferred sizes. Meaning we either cut your video, or scale it with a blur-fill.


Personalize your videos by adding an intro, outro, and/or an overlay, or all at the same time. Simply upload the media files you want to use (in the correct aspect ratios), and we’ll do all the heavy lifting from there. All you have to do is just pick and choose the add-on per video.

By adding these add-ons, your clips become more recognizable to your viewers and they come across as more professionally created content.

Personalize your videos while editing your cliip
Captioning videos is easy with SpotOn video editor


Nowadays, most video is being watched with the sound off. To accommodate for that, enrich your videos with captions and make sure everyone can always enjoy your content.
Captioning videos is easy, we’ve made sure of it.


Easily combine existing videos in to 1 new video and deliver your audience with a highlight-reel worthy of their time!
During your live shows, you’re obviously creating tons of highlights; of goals, epic moments, controversial discussions, etc. At the end of the show, why not merge all of these together, for fans who’ve missed the show, with just a few clicks.
combine existing videos in to 1 new video

Clip and start editing videos today!

We offer a 30-day free trial of our Basic plan, without any commitment required from your end. And once the 30-day trial ends, you’ll want to be using SpotOn forever, you’ll see! No installation required.