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Social media publishing

Share your content clips directly on your CMS, FTP, Custom API endpoints or social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter & YouTube with SpotOn.

  • Share directly to all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
  • Publish to your private platforms’ FTP, AWS S3, or set up a custom integration with us
  • Download/Export clips in mp4 or any format you need, even audio-only
Clip highlights from your live stream in real-time with SpotOn
Share your video clips directly to online platforms with SpotOn

Social media manager

Create your video clip with SpotOn; brand your video, choose a catchy title, write a message, add hashtags, and select a thumbnail. Share your highlight clips to all your platforms straight away, or schedule them in advance with our publishing options

By connecting your social channels to SpotOn, you do not have to download your clips locally before sharing them. SpotOn saves all your clips in the cloud. Which makes it a lot easier to share clips to your social platform in just a few seconds!

Go viral with SpotOn

Back in 2016 when Max Verstappen won his first Formula 1 race in Barcelona is a perfect validation of SpotOn. It took the Ziggo Sport editors less than twenty seconds to grab a perfect passing manoeuvre of Max Verstappen and publish it on the Ziggo social channels. Within a couple of days, their video highlight reached over 7 million people on Twitter and Facebook. On the social platorm channels of Ziggo Sport, the total reach grew more than 300%, and their channel organically grew with thousands of followers each time new content was posted.


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From local broadcasters to companies with lots of live content. Learn how broadcasters and production companies achieve their goals with SpotOn. Hear what our users have to say. Share your story with your audience with SpotOn