The story of FC Köln

Engage audiences during live broadcasts


FC Köln a famous football clubs in Germany. Searching for a solution to create awareness for their FC-Charity Cup, engage their online audiences during the live broadcast and to drive traffic back to their stream; they integrated SpotOn into their workflow.


FC Köln contributes to different (charity) projects in Cologne, by hosting for example the FC-Charity Cup. The players of FC Köln play FIFA20 against each other for four rounds. The winner donates his prize money to a good cause. “We were searching for a solution to engage our audience during the live broadcast and to drive traffic back to the live stream. Lex reached out to us a couple of weeks before the event, so I knew that SpotOn could help us get the content out when it’s relevant to the fans.” explained Jonathan Müller, Team Lead of Club Media.

“I think it was a good way to find out what your tool is and what it can do for us. I knew that SpotOn could help us to get the content out when it's relevant to the fans”

Quickly sharing highlights

“During the games we saw that the interaction between the players was very funny. You don’t often see how players are ‘trash-talking’ each other and, how they behave. We thought it would be great to get this kind of content out during the match, or at least as soon as possible as the event was happening.” said Jonathan.

Before FC Köln started using SpotOn, it took them a long time before they could share content. “We had the problem that we couldn’t get the content when we needed it. We had to wait until the stream was over. Our video team downloaded the footage afterwards and then they had to cut out all the funny scenes. It was taking a lot of time. But now we are able to publish a lot more videos, even during the live event.” he explained.


Favorite Features of FC Köln

FC Koln favorite feature


Edit the clip exactly to your likings and personalize each clip the way you want.

“It was pretty easy to cut out the sequences in the editor and afterwards trim the exact in and out moment of the video.”

FC Köln will continue using SpotOn in the future:

“I think this was a good way to find out what your tool is and what it can do for us. You convinced us with your product and it was very great to work with you.” said Jonathan.

Engage audiences during your (live) broadcast

Curious to see what FC Köln produced with SpotOn during their FC-Charity Cup? Check out their channels below:

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