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Your smartphone will now host the most powerful tool to spot and grab high quality live TV. Live, in the moment and under your thumb. Be the first to share and safeguard your original content.

How does it work.


Watch live TV, pull out your phone and grab the moment.


Tap to select with scene recognition, perfectly frame accurate.


Instantly share to social platforms of your liking. Safeguard your original content.

  • Find any spot using sound recognition
  • Up to 24hrs back in time (standard)

  • Mark in and out on scene changes
  • Spot in live and VOD

  • Push directly to your own CMS/CDN
  • Tweet with geo-block
  • “Our spot with Max Verstappen generated 50.000+ new users and reached more than 7 million people”

    Micha Sterke, Ziggo Sports

  • “Our content is more visible and generates traction and goes viral easily.”

    Robin Vinck, BNR Newsradio

  • Linda.TV is using SpotOn as one of their main editors tool.


  • “Share the best RTL moments fast and easy to all our social media channels. This way we are always spot on!”

    Ingrid Swart, Online Producer RTL XL


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