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We offer a 30-day free trial, without any commitment required from your end.
Within this trial you can use SpotOn exactly as you would when being on a plan, except you’ll be using our demo stream.

Still not sure after 30 days, or didn’t get to try it out during the trial? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.
But as soon as you’re convinced, we’ll set you up with your actual livestream in no time!

We believe you can create and share amazing clips, just like users such as Ziggo Sport, Talpa and RTV-Noord do every single day.
Pricing below is when billed monthly, get 10% off when billed annually. Prices shown are all ex VAT.

Everything you need, starting at 500,- per month

  • 1 Ingested Livestream (with a 24 hours DVR to create clips from)
  • Unlimited Amount Of Users
  • Create unlimited amount of clips from your livestream (max 30 minutes per clip)*
  • Cropping, Trimming, Rescaling/Padding
  • Prerolls, Postrolls & Overlays
  • Download Clips or Share to Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)1 Ingested Livestream (with a 24 hours DVR to create clips from)

Fair Use Policy

We want every user to be able to enjoy SpotOn to it’s fullest. You can use SpotOn unlimited, based on a fair use policy of up to 10.000 minutes of content creation each month. This means you can create more than 5 hours of amazing content – each and every day! 🎉That’s a lot, but if you require more just let us know. Enjoy our transparent pricing with no upfront cotst or cancellation fees, and pay only for the features you use. Read our privacy policy on how our organization, Triple IT B.V. uses the personal information collected from you when you use the SpotOn application.

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