Edit your video in the Cloud, easy for creating short videos

Edit your video in the cloud

Editing a video in the Cloud brings many benefits to your video production. The Cloud mainly helps with video editing with others and to keep files centralized on the internet. But why is video editing in the Cloud so useful?

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is an online repository of data, software, and files. This storage space is called the ‘cloud’. This term is used because the repository where all files and data are located is not visible or tangible. Everything is stored in your own space on a server unknown to you.

Why should you do video editing in the Cloud?

For video in social media marketing, it is worth considering doing video editing via the Cloud. Short videos on social media and landing pages can lead to an 80% increase in conversions. Also in previous blog posts, we have explained why these short videos are great for attracting attention. If you plan to create a more online presence, it is worth considering taking these videos online (without desktop software and loss of own memory).

SpotOn perfectly helps in creating online videos from live streams. All you need to get started is a web browser and a live stream due to our online video editor. This way you do not have to install software for SpotOn, and therefore do not have to purchase an expensive computer. Trim, combine media, cut, and add texts easily with SpotOn.

All files are stored in the Cloud. SpotOn’s Cloud ensures that videos are stored safely and are easy to find again. When your video clip is ready, you can upload your clip to social media within a few seconds with SpotOn. This way you do not have to download the files to your computer first and upload them again afterwards. 

Collaboration in the Cloud

Cloud video editing is very useful when working with a team on video content. To interact with your audience with your live stream, you need to produce content regularly. When something special happens, you want to put it on your social media channels so that people can relive it, comment, and share it so that new people can see it. For these teams, it is important to work together efficiently.



So, searching for a video editing program can be very tricky. It depends a lot on what type of video you want to make and whether it comes from a live stream. Live video editing is important to create interaction and to stay on top of your audience. Try out different tools to see which one works best for you. SpotOn helps you to get more out of your live stream. Create, edit, and publish clips directly from your live streams to your online platforms. Beginners and experts alike can easily create clips with our super-friendly interface.