Why is video marketing important in sports?

Find out why Video Marketing in sports is so important

There are many sports fans around the world. For this, it is important that marketing fits well with the interests and behaviour of the fans. Without the right combination of sports marketing and media techniques, chances are you’ll miss out on a lot of fans. Social media is the key to reaching your audience. Video marketing helps tremendously with reaching sports fans.

Sports marketing in media?

Sports marketing and media help each other. Media such as videos, GIFs, and short clips help to increase the marketing effort. Content helps attract followers and stimulate interaction among each other.

It is also not remarkable that sport is very visual. Sports fans watch action videos, recaps, interviews, and livestreams. Due to sports clubs sharing their content online, fans get the feeling that they are part of the club. Photos are fun to see, but they only share part of the story. By posting content, you help fans tell a complete story that evokes emotions. 

video marketing in the sport

What types of social media algorithms are there?

Get more out of your sports events with SpotOn. Create highlight clips and share them online on your social media channels. But to get the most out of your sports and media content, the video clips must be used in the right way.

Video content helps but is not the only:

Posting videos helps create interaction, but it shouldn’t be the only thing posted on social media. Alternate with different types of content to keep the page interesting.

Posting videos helps create interaction
keep your content short

Keep it short:

Video content is most powerful when they are short. Don’t post a full sports livestream on social media as content unless you’re hosting a livestream event.

Post content regularly:

A common mistake is that a lot of content is only posted afterwards. For interaction during the event, it is important to post content during the matches so that people are also interacting with the match during the breaks. Don’t wait to post content after the game or a day later that week, post them at the right time so that your followers stay interested.

Sport marketing and short video

Keep the quality of the video high:

Quality is very important for the algorithm of social media. Your content should be visible on all devices. Make sure that content is uploaded in high quality on social media.

Post different types of content videos:

Use videos to connect with your audience. Don’t just upload the same kind of content. Share interviews, clips, complications, and news. So don’t share one type of content, so that your social media content feed doesn’t seem monotonous.

Remember that video content is part of your social media strategy. So don’t just focus on posting videos but also on other techniques to add more value to your channel. Read here how Ziggo SportFC Köln and RugbyFactory.tv achieved their goals with SpotOn.

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