Wat are micro-moments and why is this important for your content?

Micro-moments and its importantness

Video micro-moments are a powerful way to increase engagement and visibility on your social media channels. With the rise of mobile-first and social media, the behaviour of internet users has changed. The traditional way of long internet sessions has decreased considerably. People nowadays spend the whole day with small searches on the internet. On average, an adult has 150 short lookup moments per day that don’t exceed 1 minute.

Today, consumers get a lot more video content from sports, news, and brands they follow on social media. Broadcasters had to respond by uploading content to their platforms where visitors can watch broadcasts. By offering micro-moments, companies can better connect with consumers’ online feeds.

What are micro-moments?

As indicated earlier, there has been a change in behaviour in which consumers view content with the advent of social media, mobile phones and faster internet. Micro-moments are therefore small internet sessions where online content is consumed within 30 to 60 seconds.

Google has also noticed that at certain times a large amount of content is viewed. These are moments like waiting for a train, during coffee or advertising breaks. Where topics such as sports fragments as news items are very popular.

Social media micro-moments

What are the benefits of micro-moments?

There are several benefits to using micro-moments. Here are a few advantages:

  • Increase engagement moments: A quarter of viewers use social media while watching a program. Real-time clips help you share and create conversations with friends.
  • Competition: social media helps increase follower engagement. By posting micro-moments on social media, awareness and involvement are increased, and the content is recommended to people with the same interests.
  • Attracts viewers to your live-stream: It can help attract viewers to their media to watch a live event and or watch back on-demand.
  • Increasing ad reach: Micro-moments help promote content that serves as ads. By being easy to share along with ads, it increases the online presence. 

Content forms of micro-moments

  • News
  • Action fragment
  • Sensitive content
  • Statements
  • Did you knows
micro-moments in the sport

Post content regularly:

Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to watching short video clips, where it is now an essential part of interacting with followers and increasing awareness and engagement. SpotOn is a handy tool with which you can easily and quickly create, edit, and share micro-moments from your live streams on social media platforms. Click here to create a free account.