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Why are short videos effective on social media?

Short video marketing

Videos are known to be great for social media marketing, but short videos are even better. But why are short videos better than the long version? And why should you include it in your content strategy?

  • People share short videos twice as fast as other forms of content (Wyzowl)
  • 71% of Generation Z spend more than 3 hours watching online videos every day (Think with Google)
  • 72% of consumers prefer video (Vidyard)
  • 63% of online marketers say video content has the best return on social media (Animoto)

Videos are moving images that have a higher impact than a photo. People like to watch videos. The daily spending of watching online videos is becoming bigger than reading a text. That is why video marketing is an important part of your content strategy.

With the rise of social media, people’s average attention span has become shorter. Short videos have the freedom to create creative and recognizable videos. Short videos appear in different ways, livestreams, fun clips, teasers, highlights, complications. It is important to listen to your audience’s interests and needs so you do not lose their attention.

What are the benefits of short videos?

Videos, of course, help in helping the viewers interact. But there are also other advantages to using short videos on social media.


  • Easier to share: short videos are easy to share because the file size is smaller
  • Go viral sooner: short videos are more likely to go viral because of the repeat value
  • Easier to remember: short videos are easier to remember because they are so short. The information is displayed clearly and equally. This factor ties in with the social media attention span

Short videos are a powerful way to attract new audiences and interact with existing followers. The creative possibilities are endless when making short videos. Do you have a livestream and are you still looking for a program that helps with making video clips? SpotOn helps you capture, cut, edit, and share your content in real-time. Contact us today to discuss your options.